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San Diego, California
Nov, 12, 2015


Las Cruces, New Mexico
Oct, 27, 2015

La Rodadora, interactive space

Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua
Oct, 28, 2015

Brief history

In 2010, we found a lack of IT + Innovation events, focussed on the universitary communities in Mexico.

So, we asked our stakeholders and partners to join talents in order to create a top-quality, yet 100% free to attend event.

Campuslink has established itself as a landmark in the regional IT + Innovation yearly event landscape.

Relevant speakers

100% free to attend

Focus on universities


Experiment / Create

In IDEAHACK, multidisciplinary teams will put their ideas to the test in a creative experience, led by innovative companies and organizations.

IDEAHACK focuses on the empowerment universitary students through the contact with inspiring people, role models, innovative ideas and rich learning experiences.

Take part of this one-of-a-kind space for creative collaboration towards the solution of problems relevant to the involved communities, and win amazing prizes as cash, gadgets and travel experiences.

Experiment, create, learn and make new friends in a fun and dynamic experience.


Campus Link

After 5 editions, 2 nations, 6 states, 2 cities, 60 universities, 80 inspiring keynotes, 12000 attendees, 4 hackathons, 1600 programmers, 6 expert panels, 16 workshops, great prizes, countless pizzas, lots of coffee…

In 2014 Campuslink went binational, thanks to the vision of our good friends from Tijuana Innovadora, who invited us to host a Campuslink in vibrant Tijuana city, along their excellent and polifacetic biannual event.

Experiment / Create

Teams put their ideas to the test in a creative experience, led by innovative companies.

Think / Express

A visual debate about our educative realities, from the lens of the ubiquitous mobile device.

Motivate / Start up

A unique chance to take part of two of the world’s most prestigious tech startup initiatives.

Inspire / Grow

Men and women who are making a difference, share their experience to inspire the heart and expand the mind.

Learn / Share

Practical learning experiences to develop your tech skills and make new friends!

Past editions

Our speakers in previous editions

Walter Bender

Founder MIT Media Lab / OLPC

Richard Stallman


Chris Rainier

National Geaographic Explorer / Traveler Magazine

Alex Lightman

The First Economist Reader’s Award - 4g and IPV6 Innovator

Ed Rotberg

Video Game Pioneer

Bismarck Lepe

Ooyala Founder

Guillermo de Anda

National Geographic Explorer.

Fernando Valenzuela

Cengage Learning

Fernando de Fuentes

Founder Ánima Estudios

Laura Gomez

Ex Twitter manager

Rod Valadez

Google Play Store

Hector Marin

Senior Director Qualcomm

Martha Hernandez

Berkeley University StartUp / iCorps